e-PD was founded by Headteachers to maintain collaboration across West Sussex schools.

Now, more than ever, e-PD’s moral purpose is to ensure a sense of community and counter any isolation felt as schools change their roles. 

You may be at home, you may be shift working in schools, but all of you will be fulfilling your roles in some way to support your communities. 

Ways that e-PD will be supporting you: 

  • Through Twitter @e_PDUK 
  • Through the weekly automated newsletter – we will be including information to help you maintain your own well-being.
  • Through updated information pages on our website in this sector 

We are currently looking at a new way of life for schools for the next few months; thank you to you all for your tireless preparation and if you missed our twitter ‘ghost hug’ -please visit @e_PDUK and collect it.   You can click on the Twitter logo at the top right of our page if you do not already have a Twitter presence.

If you have any requests, things to share with other schools/colleagues, please email us:    We will be working as best we can to help you all in these unprecedented times so please keep checking in as we update all the assistance on offer from various resources.

Our world may have been turned upside down and a 'normal' life seem a long way away, but please look at our weekly newsletter (under Search Events) for advice on things to keep you going while schools are closed.

In the meantime, 
Keep Calm & Carry On – but above all, stay safe!