e-Learning Conference 2017 Resources

West Sussex e-Learning Conference 2017 - Resources

Following the 2017 e-Learning Conference, click on the links below to access useful and informative resources from the conference workshops:

Get Your Head in The Cloud - David Brewer
Schools may adopt new technologies without a clear roadmap for strategic or operational development and transformational change in teaching and learning. This workshop examines the transition towards cloud computing systems in the light of changes to Microsoft licensing for education and the growth of Google and Apple cloud services and how these changes can be harnessed to strengthen digital capability for teaching, learning and school administration.

DroneCraft Academy
The DroneCraft crew have been taking their drones into schools for the past two years, teaching topics across the curriculum. Come along for the ride as Brett shares his experience and insight into how his team utilises this incredible new technology to excite and inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers and other big thinkers.