Every Child Counts


Every Child Counts (ECC) Mathematics and Literacy Courses

Edge Hill University are the providers of the Every Child Counts programmes. e-PD has signed an agreement with the University to provide the programmes to Sussex schools and have been providing these courses locally since 2014.

If you want a summary of the programmes available, click here for Maths and here for the Literacy courses.

We have recently arranged dates for a Becoming 1stClass@Number training and this is now open for booking. Please contact us if there is a course you are interested in that has not yet been advertised.

We have already run the Success@Arithmetic Number Sense and Success@Arithmetic Calculation programmes plus 1st Class@Number 1 over the current academic year - click here 
for information on these courses.

Every Child Counts Mathematics programmes

The Maths programmes are facilitated by Debbie Streatfield and the current programmes available for schools are:

Numbers Count new teachers
Numbers Count for Continuing Schools
- Becoming 1stClass@Number
1stClass@ Number
Success@Arithmetic: Number Sense
Success@Arithmetic: Calculation
Talk 4 Number

Schools can book places via e-PD for individual Teachers and Teaching Assistants on the Courses that are running in the Mitex Centre in Horsham from September 2018, although other venues may be used to localise training to meet school requirements. Training can be also be organised for groups of schools or Localities who may want to run any of the above courses in their area. Please contact us to discuss or book places on any of our courses.

Every Child Counts Literacy Courses

e-PD will also be offering the following Edge Hill Literacy programmes, facilitated by Helen Cobbin

Better Reading Support Partners 
1stClass@Writing: The Pirate Writing Crew for pupils who need support to access the Year 3 Curriculum
1stClass@Writing: Dragon Hunters for pupils who need support to access the Year 4 Curriculum

Here is some information about a school in West Sussex who have successfully run 1stClass@Writing - Pirate Writing Crew and the impact it has had on their children. 

Schools can book places on the Literacy courses via e-PD or the individual courses can be run in Localities or for groups of schools. Please contact e-PD if you wish to book places on any of these courses.

If your school is not a member of e-PD and you would like to book a place on one of our advertised courses please complete and return the booking form to info@e-pd.org.uk