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ePD's Mental Health Conference

Following feedback from the Primary Heads and Deputy Headteacher and Senior Leaders Conferences in January, it was clear that mental health and well-being is an important issue in West Sussex schools. This Conference will provide support and guidance for schools for both pupils and staff.

The Conference is being led by Dr Pooky Knightsmith, an internationally respected face of child and adolescent mental health. She is a prolific keynote speaker, lecturer, trainer and author who develops and shares practical and evidence informed approaches to promoting mental health. She aims to equip education staff with the skills, information and knowledge they need to support children and staff in their care.

Recent evidence has shown that 75% of mental illness starts before the age of 18 and most mental health problems in adults have their roots in childhood. A 2016 survey from the Education Support Partnership suggested that 84% of teachers had suffered mental health problems at some point in their careers. It is against this background that schools find themsleves struggling to cope with increasing demands. This Conference aims to provide schools with support and guidance not just on the day, but by establishing network and support meetings into the next academic year.

Suitable for all school staff, cross phase - Headteachers and Senior Leaders, support staff with responsibility for supporting both staff and pupils with mental health issues.

The Conference will be held at Hilton Avisford Park Hotel, Arundel on 20 June 2018.

Details of the programme have been finalised; we expect this event to be very popular.

e-PD members can book their places here at a cost of 72 credits.
Non-members can book at a cost of £110 plus a £15 booking fee using the external booking form here.


Every Child Counts Maths and Literacy Programmes

e-PD run many of the Edge Hill University Every Child Counts Maths and Literacy programmes for schools. These programmes have proven impact with children participating on them, with wider benefits shown to the whole schools. Please click here for additional information.

In the summer term, we are introducing a new intervention 'Becoming 1stClass@Number. Debbie Streatfield in undertaking the training and the new course is running at the Mitex Centre, Millais School, Horsham. The programme is aimed at children in Year 1 who need further support to secure the Early Learning Goal for Number. 


Becoming 1stClass@Number:


  • offers children a rich and varied learning experience
  • provides fun and engaging lessons, including a wide variety of games and activities
  • aims to provide a solid basis and effective learning opportunity for all children to succed in mathematics


It is designed to support children who are struggling, particularly in a mastery context. The mathematics teaching has been carefully structured to develop and deepen children's number sense in relation to numbers up to 20 through a range of structured images including Dot cards and Ten frames; developing mathematical talk and reasoning and problem solving activities. This is activated through 4 topic areas.

The training runs over 1 full day and 5 half days for the Teaching Assistant and a school Link Teacher attends 2 of these half days to support the TA in managing and evaluating the scheme. Debbie Streatfield will be running the programme. The dates are:


Day 1 – Monday 23 April, full day for TAs, plus the Link Teachers in the morning

Day 2 – Thursday 10 May, half day morning for TAs only

Day 3 – Thursday 24 May, half day morning for TAs only

Day 4 – Monday 18 June, half day morning for TAs only

Day 5 – Thursday 5 July, half day morning for TAs, plus Link Teacher

Day 6 – TBC – autumn term follow up for TAs

If you would like to book a place for your school on this new programme, the cost is £850 if your school subscribes to e-PD. If your school doesn't subscribe to e-PD the cost is £935 , which is slightly less that the £990 fee recommended by ECC.

In addition to the above new course, we may be running the Talk 4 Number programme in the summer term if we have sufficient interest from schools.Talk 4 Number develops mathematical language and thinking for pupils in year 3 and 4 and for pupils older than year 3 who are in the later stages of learning English as an additional language. The programme:  


  • helps pupils to talk confidently about numbers   
  • builds mathematical language, understanding and enjoyment
  • develops a wide range of mathematical talk - explaining, instructing, presenting
  • develops speaking and listening skills in number contexts 
  • strengthens reflection and metacognition
  • expands teaching assistant's subject knowledge and expertise
  • support mathematical talks throughout the school



Booking Form for Non e-PD Schools

If you would like to book a place on any of the events organised by e-PD and you are not a subscriber to e-PD please complete the Booking Form and return it to us with your payment. You can pay by BACS or send us a cheque, made payable to e-PD Trust. 


Venue Information

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