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 E-PD actively seeks to secure the right partnerships for the benefit of our growing family of subscribers. 

Current Partners

The Key

The Key for School Leaders and The Key for School Governors: Save time, stay informed and make a difference

The Key's national information services The Key for School Leaders and The Key for School Governors support nearly half the schools in England. Members have instant access to a wide range of information and guidance, practical resources and answers to questions on all aspects of school leadership and management. The Key offer high-quality impartial information and guidance from authoritative sources and a wealth of practical resources, including concise summaries of government policies and legislation, template forms and reports, teaching school case studies, sample documents, regular news round-ups and more.

The Key support all members of the senior team, including the Headteacher and Assistant / Deputies, School Business Manager, Department Heads, Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator and others. Support on the governor service is applicable to everyone on the governing body, from the most to the least experienced. No question is too big or too small - from raising achievement to managing the budget, safeguarding to preparing for inspection, setting the strategic vision for the school to financial monitoring, ensuring compliance to preparing for governing body meetings.

The Key have a rigorous approach to quality and extensive expertise drawn from their in-house team, associate experts and rich network of contacts. Every day they answer new questions from school leaders and governors, every week they visit schools and meet with those people at the forefront of education and every year there are over a million clicks on articles on their website. These deep connections give them unparalleled insights into the concerns, trends and good practice in the sector.

The Key: www.thekeysupport.com

The Key for School Leaders: www.thekeysupport.com/SL

The Key for School Governors: www.thekeysupport.com/gov

Key insights: www.thekeysupport.com/blog

The Key for School Governors, Lloyds Bank and SGOSS Governors for Schools have recently developed a training module for new governors that can also be used as a refresher for existing governors. The module takes about an hour to complete and can be completed in small sections. After you have completed it you should feel prepared, confident and excited to start or continue your journey into governance.            
here for the link to access this free training. 


Edge Hill University

Edge Hill University are the providers of the Every Child Counts programmes. e-PD has signed an agreement with the University to provide the programmes to Sussex schools, with the mathematics programmes being delivered by Debbie Streatfield.

The Mathematics programmes that are running are: Numbers Count and Numbers Count 2, Numbers Count Continuing Schools,1stClass@Number and 1stClass@Number 2 and Success@Arthimetic, both Number Sense and Calculation and Talk 4 Number.  The new Becoming 1stClass@Number intervention has recently commenced.