Our Services

e-PD offers a growing range of professional development and support services, with the ability for subscribers to exchange credits for the training opportunities on offer.


The credit system allows e-PD to keep our costs down by reducing the need to process payments. The cost of courses and events is calculated without the overheads or profit margin charged by external providers.

The annual subscription to e-PD gives full online access to courses, seminars, workshops, etc for all staff teams through a secure login-in provided to the e-PD website. Subscribing schools, higher education institutions and local authorities can offer courses through this e-PD online hub and find support and guidance in relation to:

  • Improving the quality scope and provision of effective professional development.

  • Selecting the development activities that are likely to have the greatest impact on teaching and learning.

  • Whole school auditing and planning for professional development linked to the school’s School Improvement Planning.

  • Information on staff roles, key priorities and examples of the ways they can support the school.

  • Networking and collaborative opportunities.

Subscribers also have access to dissemination strategies relating to best practice through:

  • Identification of examples and good practice.
  • Opportunities for staff to share ideas and experiences that have worked for them.
  • Access to the register of Advanced Skills teachers information and how their support can be accessed.
  • Access to Specialist schools and information about the support that they offer.
  • Access for specialist staff to join Focus Groups.

Buying credits enables subscribers to attend courses, events or activities:

  • Provided by other schools.
  • Centrally organised by e-PD.
  • Advertised by reputable third parties and facilitated by e-PD.